Last updated: 17.02.12

Online learning platform launched at GIBS

A new online learning platform has been unveiled at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in South Africa in a bid to deliver more flexible education.

The school will be looking at harnessing the information-sharing ability of technology in order to improve the options available for students mulling over their choices for their education.

Sue Swart, GIBS digital marketing manager, explained it can be hard for many professionals to take time out to study due to how pressed they are for time in the modern world, which is why e-learning can be useful for individuals in this kind of position.

"Whether you're in a corporate job or running your own company ongoing learning is imperative for those who want to get ahead," she said in a statement.

The online learning courses will come under the GIBSdirect branding and two offerings have been made available by educators at the facility - Marketing and Financial Management - with applications for Leadership and People Management due to be opening soon.

While students can work at times that suit their schedule as a result of the introduction of e-learning at GIBS, the work for each module has to be completed within the two-month period over which the module runs, it was noted by the institution.

"Modules are 'ring-fenced' in this way as our research and experience show that such deadlines contribute to better completion rates and therefore ensure that students get a return on their education investment," said Ms Smart.

GIBS is offering students from all over South Africa - as well as even further afield - the chance to sign up to the online learning programmes at the facility.

However, those who wish to take part in the scheme will need five to ten years' work experience - preferably with some at middle management level - if their application to study at GIBS is to be a success.