Last updated: 20.03.12

Online learning 'takes off in Bangalore'

E-learning is beginning to make a huge impact in Bangalore.

Express News Service reports that this advancement is enabling students to stay ahead of their peers and pass their exams.

Digital technologies are particularly commonplace among the young, with many teenagers using computers to study and to communicate, the news source pointed out.

This has attached itself to online learning technologies, which are taking off all over the world.

Sujith Appaya, a final-year student at Christ College in the city, told the publication that e-learning courses have been very useful to him.

"I can get the benefits which I don't get in classroom teaching," he added.

Furthermore, virtual learning environments enable him to receive replies to queries instantly, which Mr Appaya stated allows students to resolve any problems they encounter throughout their education as soon as they become apparent.

Other positive responses to e-learning were articulated by fellow pupil Sagayaraj, who pointed out that virtual learning environments help youngsters to receive all of their course material in one go.

This would be impossible in traditional classroom education, which would typically be limited by time constraints, the student continued.

Educational coordinator at Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies Beena Sunil said the scope of e-learning has been brought into focus recently, because young people "like to make use of things which are easily available".

She declared that teaching is no longer as theoretical as it used to be and is taking on more practical applications.

Online learning tools have supported this transition, she declared, with students using them extensively and receiving the wholehearted encouragement of the education provider.

Writing for community portal, Bangalore University science graduate Varsha Agarwal said India has experienced significant technological advancements in recent years and this could support persistent growth in the country's e-learning sector.

"Experts claim that e-learning medium is 'on a roll' due to the numerous benefits such as speed of delivery, increasing accessibility of learning, generating user specific content, reducing cost of learning and increasing flexibility," he stated.