Last updated: 24.03.11

Online learning technology 'makes education fun'

E-learning technology makes education more enjoyable for both children and adults, according to one parent.

Writing on US community blog Chappaqua-Mount Kisco Patch, Maria Colaco claimed online learning technology is helping young people to connect with subjects like English, mathematics and science by utilising their natural interests to make education more exciting.

"Homework can be frustrating not only for the parent but also for the child. But now there is a wide variety of online technology out there that helps with homework and makes subjects fun!" she added.

Ms Colaco referred specifically to the Between the Lions website, which helps kids swat up on their literacy by involving music and characters that children can explore by themselves.

Next month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will team up with the Smithsonian Institution to offer a science-fiction mystery game intended for 11 to 14-year-olds, who will play along using online learning tools, USA Today reported.