Last updated: 23.11.10

Online training courses 'a hit'

The e-learning programme at one school has been described as a hit.

According to the Baraboo News Republic, the online training courses offered by Baraboo High School is a gem when it comes to meeting the needs of students.

The Board of Education for the facility held a meeting yesterday (November 22nd) regarding whether the resource - which began in 2007 - has been a success.

At the onset, 52 students enrolled in the distance learning courses, with 81 per cent completing them successfully, while this year has seen that number of pupils rise to 85, with 75 individuals taking more than one.

Laura Small, a teen who is enrolled in the programme after years of being homeschooled, explained that she saw the self-directed learning and need to motivate herself to do the work as a massive advantage.

"With this, I can work at my pace," she remarked.

Elsewhere, Liverpool John Moore University announced it is to hold an e-learning forum.