Last updated: 31.12.10

Online training may benefit those seeking employment

Online training courses may benefit people who are looking for a new job, as it will enable them to refresh their skills.

According to a report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (Rec), 23 per cent of private sector firms are planning to hire additional staff in 2011.

And 32 per cent of respondents revealed they will be expanding their temporary workforces next year.

Individuals who are seeking a new position could enroll on a distance learning course, as this might boost their chances of gaining employment.

Kevin Green, the Rec's chief executive, said the outlook for the jobs markets is optimistic.

"The increasing employer confidence is a good sign and the feedback from professional recruiters confirms that fluidity is returning to many sectors of the labour market," he added.

Elsewhere,'s Gerry McLaughlin recently suggested the IT division will be taking on more personnel to deal with growth over the next 12 months.