Last updated: 26.10.10

Online training "reshaped" way youngsters engage with society

Technological advancements and e learning training has "reshaped" the ways in which youngsters engage, connect with and make sense of society.

This is according to the government's digital adviser and current deputy chairman of Channel 4, David Puttnam, who noted that schools need to find a way to use the different types of media with which young people are familiar, the Irish Times reports. If not, "kids themselves will come to the conclusion that school has little to do with them and their world," he continued, meaning "the only loser will be education".

Mr Puttnam confirmed that, while new resources are important, ongoing teacher training is as essential as the hardware, stating that skilled tutors who can use these systems will become "society's greatest asset". Additional training could become a reality as the government has just announced that funding for schools budget is to increase by £3.6 billion in cash terms by the end of the spending review period.