Last updated: 24.02.11

Play centre awarded for food hygiene standards

A play centre may not require many lessons in food hygiene training now it has been awarded top marks in a recent assessment by health inspectors.

The Tumbletown nursery in Basildon was given a five-point rating in the new national food hygiene scheme during the inspection, according to the Yellow Advertiser.

"We are delighted but not surprised to get this accolade", Tumbletown owner Doug Hassan told the publication.

He added: "We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene to our customers."

The play centre provides parents with various dishes in the adult's cafe while offering entertainment to children of all ages.

Basildon Council recently selected the point rating system over the previous Scores on the Doors scheme.

Bernadette Sullivan could not enjoy Tumbletown's food standards during her holiday in Turkey, where a hotel served raw chicken to her husband and smelt strongly of sewage, according to Kent Regional News.