Last updated: 27.08.11

Pupils 'have accepted' forms of e-learning as integral to their education

An expert in the use of computer technology in the education sector has claimed that pupils now view virtual learning environments provided through technology as an integral part of their learning experience.

Miles Berry, a senior lecturer in ICT education at the University of Roehampton, argued that thanks to forms of technology creating various e-learning environments, it has come to form the backbone of the modern way in which students learn.

"Students themselves have certainly accepted technology as an indispensable aid to their studies," Mr Berry claimed, adding that IT is routinely used by young people as a way to communicate with others, to access and contribute to information and media as well as to explore ideas between themselves.

For teachers and schools more broadly, Mr Berry said the picture is less consistent. He commented: "There are still some in schools who perhaps don't have the confidence to make the most of all that's available."

His comments follow recent news that a primary school in Epping Forest is due to launch its own e-learning portal, providing remote access to training materials as well as online marking facilities for teachers and pupils.