Last updated: 22.07.11

Remote learning software for autism released to aid communication

A new online training program designed to aid the mental development of children with autism has been released today in the US.

The e-learning software, entitled BrainPro, is designed for home use and consists of game-like puzzles and training to exercise the brain while keeping the child engaged and motivated.

Developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation with the help of neuroscientists, it will utilise the skills of tutors experienced in teaching children with autism in a weekly remote in-depth session to develop the child's communication skills and stimulate fresh neuro-connections in the brain.

Professor Martha Burns said: "Brain training on the software can improve those connections so you would expect to see improvements in areas such as language."

This comes after a Guardian report earlier this month underscored how online learning courses and other remote training tools are being utilised to invigorate the wider English teaching sector.