Last updated: 24.02.11

Restaurant fined for food hygiene failings

Food hygiene training may be required by a restaurant in Belfast, which has recently been fined for its poor standards.

Bengal Brasserie has been handed a £1,750 fine after it was prosecuted by Belfast City Council for several food hygiene offences, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

In February 2010, a routine inspection discovered that a faulty refrigerator was being used to store cooked meat, the kitchen floors had not been cleaned adequately and cigarette ends were found in the staff locker room.

Further examples of poor food hygiene practices were evident, as raw poultry was found in close proximity with cooked meat, near to where salad and vegetables were also being prepared, which ran the risk of contamination.

Mizanur Rahman, who runs the restaurant, must also pay £69 in court costs for a string of six different hygiene offences discovered during a two-month period last year.

In a similar incident, Hull-based pub The Oyster Catcher scored a score of five per cent - one of the lowest grades ever given - by health inspectors on a visit earlier this month, according to the Hull Daily Mail.