Last updated: 08.10.18

Prepared to Save a Life Rotary Launch - District 1220

'Prepared to Save a Life' exhibited at the 47th Annual Conference of Rotary District 1220 in Scarborough on 5th to 7th October 2018.

As part of the Rotary Showcase, District Governor, Cheryle Berry, MBE, invited Virtual College to showcase the 'Prepared to Save a Life' campaign and raise awareness amongst as many Rotarians as possible.  

Virtual College pledged to donate a "defibrillator" in a prize draw in which all Rotarian's from the 1220 District who complete the course, get the chance to win on behalf of their individual clubs. The draw is scheduled to take place at the end of January 2019, the race is on!

Cheryle was the original inspiration behind the Community Save a Life Scheme (CSALS) which was formed in 2012, with the support of Bolsover Council. The mission is to get a life saver on every street corner, Cheryle was delighted when earlier this year Virtual College's CEO, Rod Knox, pledged to donate Virtual College time, infrastructure and expertise to take the face-to-face training online - and offer the course free to everyone. This led to the development of four bite-size 'Prepare to Save a Life' online modules, which learners can take by registering here

Rotary District 1200 has upwards of 60 clubs across the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area. There was a lot of interest from attendees at the conference, after Lesley Ord who represented Virtual College asked "why wouldn't you take just 45 minutes out of your life to learn the basic skills of keeping someone alive till help gets there. You never know when a medical emergency may arise, at work, at home, even in the street - be prepared."

A simple, free course which can help save lives is what 'Prepared to Save a Life' is all about. Virtual College look forward to working with Cheryl and the CSALS team to encourage all the Rotary clubs to get involved - and to help spread the word to other groups and individuals.

To find out more please visit and register/pledge as an individual or on behalf of your company.