Last updated: 15.12.10

Schools in Wales to use distance learning courses if it snows?

Guidance for schools in Wales to help them decide whether to stay open or to close if it snows heavily has been issued.

Every academic facility in the country will receive the information pack, which will include a generic risk assessment that can be altered to suit each centre's needs.

It suggests if schools have to close other options must be considered like distance learning courses, to ensure pupils are still able to continue with their education.

The document also has advice on implementing study arrangements for students in years ten to 13 to minimise disruption.

Earlier this year, education minister Leighton Andrews said he was concerned about the number of days kids missed last winter.

"We are committed to providing schools with guidance for extreme weather, so pupils can receive the maximum amount of teaching," he added.

Elsewhere, an article in revealed E-learning systems could be utilised by schools in Surrey, Canada which are currently oversubscribed.