Last updated: 12.02.16

Schools 'must dedicate time to apprenticeship option'

Schools must dedicate as much time to vocational options as they do to academic subjects in order to “level the playing field” among pupils in England. 

This is the view of education secretary Nicky Morgan, who believes that teachers need to give more support to students hoping to land apprenticeships. 

This comes after ministers raised concerns about how some schools only promote apprenticeships to students who are seen as less academically able.

Ms Morgan called for apprenticeship providers to be given access to schools.

"As part of our commitment to extend opportunity to all young people, we want to level the playing field - making sure they are aware of all the options open to them and are able to make the right choice for them,” she said.

The education secretary added that for many young people university is “the right choice”, noting that teachers will continue to remain committed to expanding across higher education.

"That's why I'm determined to tackle the minority of schools that perpetuate an outdated snobbery towards apprenticeships by requiring those schools to give young people the chance to hear about the fantastic opportunities apprenticeships and technical education offer."

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