Last updated: 20.05.11

Self-build sector 'could provide electrician jobs'

Individuals who have taken the time to put themselves through electrical courses to gain professional qualifications could benefit from the burgeoning self-build sector in the UK, it has been revealed.

Jaclyn Thorburn, communications manager at BuildStore, said whether people are simply carrying out renovations or building a new home from scratch, the government's commitment to getting people doing up and moving into new homes could be good news for those looking for electrical jobs.

She commented: "The government want to grow the UK self-build market, to match the levels in Europe, where up to 50 per cent of new homes are self-build."

According to self-build and renovation specialists BuildStore Financial Services, while the wider housing market is still slowly recovering, the self-build market is performing relatively well.

This is especially true following the government's pledge to grow the sector to the same levels of European countries, which are up to five times larger than the UK market.