Last updated: 21.02.11

Social network offers online learning opportunities for language lovers

Those who are keen on being able to speak another language can do so through e-learning thanks to a social networking site which has UK residents in its sights.

According to a report in the Independent, Livemocha has become increasingly popular around the world since being established in the US four years ago.

It has more than eight million users in 195 countries but just 100,000 people from the UK log on and participate.

More than 80 per cent of members want to learn English and Michael Schultzer, chief executive of the site, said that online learning is the way forward when it comes to picking up a new language.

"Gone are the days when learning to speak another language meant huddling around your CD player and mindlessly reciting recorded phrases," he told the newspaper.

According to a recent entry on the Independent Schools Council blog, e-learning has changed the face of education and it should be embraced in the wider curriculum.