Last updated: 03.04.12

SSIF revamps website to support e-learning courses

An online learning platform for healthcare professionals has been launched by Serono Symposia International Foundation (SSIF).

It has unveiled a new website, featuring a range of sections focused on specified areas of interest, including dermatology, immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, oncology and reproductive medicine, which can enable users to find the material they are looking for quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the portal has an updated visual design and provides advanced features and improved functionality, SSIF secretary to the board of directors Michele Piraux declared.

She added navigation on the website has already been improved, which will help current users and people in the future to access valuable educational materials in a manner that is "intuitive and fast".

It contains fresh online learning tools and more e-learning activities, which use technologies such as podcasts, video lectures and RSS feeds to support them.

SSIF first launched a website in 2000 and since then, it has constantly provided its users with live data relating to academic events for scientific initiatives using the e-learning platform.

All its content has been available for distance learning online and in the last 40 years, the organisation has organised more than 1,500 scientific conferences internationally.

It claims its website will remain as the "first point of contact" for professionals in the healthcare sector looking to use live events to support continuing education.

Alongside this, it provides assistance to multiple sclerosis nurses and other special interest groups, as well as post-meeting highlights as enhanced materials and specially-created online learning courses.

SSIF was set up to disseminate research through Continuing Medical Education, which it is hoped will improve the lives of patients.

There are currently over 35 online courses in its portfolio and its website achieves at least 80,000 page views every month.

Its headquarters are in the Swiss city of Geneva, while its representative office is in Rome.