Last updated: 14.05.13

Staff training 'always worth the cost'

Business training is essential to success and its results always outweigh the costs involved, one expert has stated.

Julie Kenny, founder and chief executive of manufacturing firm Pyronix, claimed in an article for Real Business that nurturing the skills of employees is key to becoming a prosperous and well-developed company.

She said throughout her career, she has always prioritised people development and noticed this has become a prerequisite for strong performance.

The professional - who also works for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills - emphasised the economic benefits of providing staff with effective learning and said any cash that is shelled out on upskilling is money well spent.

"Employee reaction to training is very positive, showing signs of increased engagement and commitment in return for the investment they have experienced in their own skills," Ms Kenny explained.

She said this also boosts a firm's ability to service its customers and will add security to the relationships it has built with clients.

Meanwhile, employees will experience higher job satisfaction due to the fact they have clear access to career development, which will encourage them to perform at a higher level.

Rolling out improved training in the workplace could transform the whole essence of an organisation and lead to staff feeling more empowered and motivated, in turn raising the company's profits.

Ms Kenny stated that while all industries have been affected by the economic downturn, "providing training that increases expertise, flexibility and efficiency can be an antidote that provides a long-term result that will outlast our current problems".

Like a number of educational providers around the UK - including e-learning provider Virtual College - the expert said she is a strong advocate of Investors in People (IiP), which is the nation's leading people management standard.

According to recent research from the organisation, almost nine in ten firms that achieved recognition from IiP were able to improve or develop at least one human resources and business policy as a result.