Last updated: 20.12.10

Teachers in Lincoln adopt E-learning strategies

Students at schools in Lincoln, USA, have been utilising E-learning strategies.

Pupils at Lincoln Middle and High School have been using portable systems so they can go on virtual day trips.

Principal at the education facility Jeff Artz said E-learning is just another chance to give youngsters the opportunity to experience things they would not be able to normally.

"It just gives kids different learning experiences. It's a very good opportunity for kids in rural districts," he added.

Engineering teacher Scott Kelly noted students are able to use technology to see what different careers are available.

The teacher explained distance learning gives the children exposure to jobs that they would not necessarily know about.

Earlier this week, Sue Fieldman, regional editor of the Good Schools Guide, stated more resources need to be spent in schools in the UK to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds and this may include implementing E-learning systems.