Last updated: 25.10.10

Teachers' online training 'should include interactive whiteboards'

Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom is becoming the norm in schools around the world, but it has been suggested that some teachers lack adequate e learning skills themselves when it comes to such resources.

As Nancy Knowlton, chief executive of developers Smart Technologies, told TES Magazine, some tutors have preconceived ideas of how these tools should be utilised, but this thinking needs to be put to one side in favour of allowing youngsters to take the lead instead.

"You need to be open to the possibilities that the technology presents for increasing engagement and helping children to understand concepts," she remarked.

Furthermore, Dan Roberts of Saltash Community College in Cornwall advised educators to practice outside of lesson time, or set up groups to share ideas and top tips for getting the most out of the boards.

Such moves could well be necessary, as David Puttnam, the government's digital adviser, recently told the Irish Times that e learning training and technological advancements have "reshaped" how youngsters engage and connect with society.