Last updated: 09.03.13

Technology 'benefits' workplace training

Consumers worldwide are accessing their internet-enabled devices everyday to find out more about the world, with most people we meet fully embracing the ever-growing digital landscape..

Using technology to train employees could make the learning process more continuous and joined up, with employees able to digest information with greater levels of engagement.

According to an article written for HR Magazine, it is crucial for bosses to overcome the barriers preventing them from using online resources to upskill their workforce, as this could improve productivity and motivation.

The news provider stated: "If we are really going overcome these learning and technology barriers, the obvious solution to the problem would be to embrace the same technologies that everybody uses on a daily basis; be it a smartphone, tablet or netbook."

It stated the training hurdles encountered by employers are traditionally divided into three main areas - technological, individual and organisational, with the recent Towards Maturity Benchmark Study revealing the former has largely been naturally removed over the last five years due to the rise of high-speed internet access and cloud-based services.

Meanwhile, it found learning structures are become less rigid, with 47 per cent of companies that responded to the poll claiming to deliver material to their employees' mobile devices.

The survey identified the top obstacles to adopting technology included a lack of skill among staff to manage their own learning (63 per cent) and not understanding its potential uses and implementation (62 per cent).

It also showed that poor IT skills, unreliable ICT infrastructure, insufficient access to computer and the high administrative costs of developing e-learning content are stopping employers from turning to technology.

If they used the services of online training providers, managers could find they are not shelling out so much on launching e-learning platforms and they are also saving themselves time.

With institutions like Virtual College, a West Yorkshire-based firm that offers learning modules in a wealth of workplace issues, employers are able to roll out vital teaching to their staff without stretching the company budget.