Last updated: 18.11.10

Technology fund 'helps with e-learning'

A company that is helping students and teachers access e-learning has spoken out about its success.

Speaking to Madion's the Capital Times, Sonic Foundry chief executive Rimas Buinevicius explained that he is working towards improving the firm's capability to aid in online training courses.

The company - a technological enterprise - specialises now in helping educational institutions stream lectures, seminars and other teaching materials.

According to the news source, such resources are increasingly helpful to facilities such as the University of Florida, which is only offering entry-level courses via e-learning thanks to a lack of budgetary freedom in both its own and its students' finances.

In addition, the University of Wisconsin is working on its eCampus initiative in an attempt to make degrees more accessible.

Elsewhere, This is the West Country recently reported that Somerset College is to work towards offering a greater number of online courses to its students.