Last updated: 01.05.13

Technology 'helps support all learning styles'

In order to meet the demands of different learning styles, teachers should launch a protected online learning environment for students.

This is according to Carolyn Lewis, managing director at Vocational Innovation, who wrote in an article for Training Zone that launching such a platform would also allow educators to integrate various resource types, such as video, audio and games, into one location.

She claimed technology offers pupils the freedom of independent learning, but there are skills that need to be developed first to achieve this.

"Most of all, technology can make learning more varied, interesting, fun and well-supported, but if learners haven't experienced it how can they express it as their preferred learning style?" Ms Lewis added.

The expert said it is these barriers that need to be addressed, so that teachers are comfortable with rolling out online training to students that have indicated it is their preferred way of learning.

Among her recommendations for improving the delivery of e-learning included watching teenagers on their smartphones and considering the everyday skills they are using for research, communication, organisation or evaluation purposes.

At present, most young people are already comfortable with technology, but may not equate them to other areas of their lives, such as education.

Ms Lewis stated online learning allows teachers to harness the skills they have already developed and offers them different methods for coming to the same outcome.

"No-one is saying that it's easy or has the perfect formula for engaging the non-engaged, but by applying the skills that come naturally through the use of technology to learning we have the best possible chance of achieving it," she remarked.

Moving forward, the professional said what needs to be challenged is the lack of experience and awareness of how technology can be used in learning.

This comes after a recent study carried out at the University of Wisconsin found the more interactive technology is when used in education, the more engaged schoolchildren will be.