Last updated: 23.02.11

Today's students rely on e-learning, survey suggests

Online learning environments are regularly utilised by a significant proportion of UK students, a new survey has revealed.

Research by Blackboard has found that 40 per cent of people studying in Britain use e-learning technology for their academic work during evenings and weekends.

Commenting on his organisation's findings, regional vice-president Richard Horton claimed that as their habits were changing, the traditional image of students was no longer true.

"Our survey reveals the unquestionable level of commitment students give to their academic work, as well as their dependence on online and mobile technology to fit this around other commitments," he said.

The statistics showed that the vast majority of further and higher educational institutions offered online learning resources, with over 90 per cent of respondents citing the provision of such systems at their university or college.

Yesterday (February 22nd), Canadian educational consultant Tom Bates claimed that many academic administrators are uncertain how to make e-learning innovations in courses as they were never trained to teach, according to the Kamloops Daily News.