Last updated: 14.12.11

Tools and technologies 'spur on the success of e-learning'

The advancement of mobile technology is allowing e-learning tools to become more and more powerful in the increasingly popular choice of the virtual classroom, according to one expert in the field.

A representative from the Rapid E-Learning Blog, which gives practical tips and tricks designed to help people get to grips with e-learning, suggested that the popularity of online learning and training in the business world is tied in with the implementation of hi-tech products in daily life - such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

Tom Kuhlmann, editor of the blog, said: "It's also still a growing field, as the tools are becoming more powerful and there's a convergence of mobile and social media. Some of the drivers are cost-effectiveness and the ability to deliver content to anyone, anywhere."

He added that the economy has also driven the use of e-learning, as it can provide a high level of content through a more cost-effective model when compared to that of face-to-face time and classroom space.

"The benefits are reduced cost of training, because it can be delivered online without requiring travel or as much time away from production. The cost of production is also a factor - it is easier today to build courses," said Mr Kuhlmann.

Freeing up resources in other areas of business time has also been a successful factor brought about by the virtual classroom, according to the expert, who commented that the flexibility of the programs and the ability for learners to take in the information at their own pace has clear advantages.

David Patterson, director and consultant with, a further provider of news and advice for the sector, recently commented that simple online learning platforms often work best for businesses that opt for this method to train their staff.

He mentioned that low complexity programs will encourage users to use the resources without being caught out by hi-tech systems and non-user-friendly terms.