Last updated: 24.08.17

Top tips for safe barbecue cooking from the Food Standards Agency

Whether you’re joining in on the National Burger Day festivities on August 24 or are having one last summer cookout during the bank holiday weekend, make sure you follow basic health and safety standards to help you prevent potential food poisoning.

During summer months, cases of food poisoning from Campylobacter, E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella rise due to poor food hygiene. A survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has shown that some people are unsure of the basics of food hygiene, especially when it comes to cooking food outdoors.

One of the key takeaways from the survey found that people didn’t understand the importance of cooking meat thoroughly, with 19% admitting they eat burgers that are pink or have pink juices.

In fact, 43% of the people surveyed said they had been served undercooked meat at a barbecue at some point in their lives, so it’s easy to see why there’s an estimated one million cases of food poisoning every year in the UK.

To help everyone enjoy their summer cookouts without the risk of food poisoning, the FSA has created a list of resources advising how meat should be stored and cooked. As an independent food safety watchdog, responsible for food hygiene across the UK, the FSA has been running a ‘Safe Summer Food’ campaign to help educate people on the dangers of poor food hygiene and provide expert knowledge on how to store, prepare and cook food during the summer months.

In support of the FSA’s campaign, Virtual College has also created some resources and advice to help you minimise the risk of food poisoning. Not sure where to start? Why not take our interactive quiz to see if you have any knowledge gaps or download our shareable e-cards for handy tips.

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