Last updated: 05.02.13

Trafford firms team up for business training scheme

A group of Trafford businesses have joined forces to roll out a programme designed to help find work for people who are looking to get into the construction industry.

The £32 million initiative - which has been backed by Trafford Council and the Chamber of Commerce - will see the companies team up to provide jobless individuals with business training, while apprenticeships are also being launched for people of all ages, the Messenger reports.

New starters are being given the chance to develop their abilities in a variety of disciplines, such as joinery, logistics and project management.

The scheme is hoping to drive forward economic growth and workplace engagement, as well as equip young professionals with the skills they need to meet industry standards and boost their own employability.

Theresa Grant, chief executive of Trafford Council, was quoted as saying: "Young people are a key focus of this agenda, bringing fresh ideas, commitment and energy to businesses."

One aspect of apprenticeships that could be particularly beneficial to companies taking on young people is e-learning, as firms will find by investing in the technology, they are cutting their training costs at the same time as improving workplace efficiency and innovation.

By turning to the services of an online training provider, businesses can develop the skills of their apprentices in a fashion that does not make a huge dent in their daily routine, while this can also prove to be a far more engaging method of training.

With Virtual College, a West Yorkshire-based online facility that offers modules in a range of workplace issues, company leaders will find they meet their audit requirements, reduce expensive administration costs and free up assessor time.

Its Apprenticeship e-Academy features plenty of training solutions, such as e-technical certificates, e-functional skills, fully customisable branding, a virtual classroom and e-portfolios, which give managers total visibility of their apprentices' progress.

Therefore, anyone interested in becoming an apprentice to a leading firm, or hiring a young person within their organisation, would be wise to contact the institution.