Last updated: 08.08.13

Training could 'help retailers retain best talent'

Retailers looking for ways to retain trusted employees may want to consider rolling out training.

In customer-facing roles, it is crucial that workers are able to interact with the public in an appropriate fashion and once people are hired who excel in all aspects of the business, it is important they have an incentive to stay.

This is the suggestion of Nigel Garrett, business development director at Workplace, who wrote in a post for Retail Digital that training employees and giving them the ability to resolve disputes promptly in the workplace and make big decisions will make them feel empowered.

The feeling of being capable of doing something that might have previously required the presence of a manager will boost their productivity and motivation - and this will have benefits for both the staff member and employer.

Mr Garrett explained: "Even simple steps can motivate employees, instilling a sense of pride and responsibility and helping them to make the best customer service decisions quickly and professionally."

Another way in which the expert suggested companies could improve retention rates is by providing them with internet access to their work schedule, meaning they can view shifts, bid for additional work and submit holiday requests at any time and from anywhere.

Staff will appreciate the freedom they've been granted by their boss and be able to take more ownership over their working schedule, while managers can communicate with employees in a more practical and efficient way.

According to Mr Garrett, introducing these methods of employee engagement will not only help retailers hold on to their top performers, it will also allow loyal team leaders to emerge. "Retailers will also be able to ensure they have happy, engaged employees and will benefit from having the right people, with the right attitude, in the right place and at the right time, he added.

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