Last updated: 07.11.13

Training for temporary Christmas staff 'essential'

Temporary employees being hired by major companies over the festive period must receive adequate training, according to one skills expert.

Kevin Young, general manager of Skillsoft for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, believes this is crucial to motivating and engaging these workers and ensuring they feel properly integrated into the culture of the organisation.

He claimed in a post for Information Daily that a large number of managers mistakenly assume training and development for short-term staff is unnecessary, but it is in fact essential to proving to the employees that their contribution is valuable.

It could also equip them with the skills and experience they need to find work elsewhere after their placement, or stay on with their temporary employer.

Mr Young further pointed to how easy it is to provide training, thanks to advanced technology that cuts administrative costs, improves delivery and broadens the range of learning options available.

"E-learning offers high quality, on-the-job, bite-sized and modular training that can be undertaken anytime and anywhere," he explained.

It saves employers having to set time aside to hold workshops and presentations, and means staff can access materials on the specific topics they need to know more about.

What's more, there are plenty of dedicated providers willing to help bosses roll out online learning, such as Virtual College in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. The institution offers various induction modules in key topics, such as Equality and Diversity in the Workplace, Fire Safety and Evacuation and Manual Handling.

Investment in training can also foster company loyalty and establish a willingness among temporary workers to help the firm grow, Mr Young noted.

He continued: "A business would not survive without driven individuals, so it is vital that organisations get the most out of all their staff and give everyone an opportunity to hone their skills."

If temporary employees are satisfied with their experience at a company, they are more likely to recommend it to their peers and apply for permanent positions.