Last updated: 30.08.12

UAE students 'benefiting from e-learning'

E-learning solutions are taking off in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Khaleej Times reports that Dubai private schools are introducing new digital learning tools for their attendees, including iPads, smart boards, computers and other gadgets.

Schools are attempting to bring e-learning innovations into the classroom and curriculum in order to capture students' interest and imagination.

The publication pointed out that teachers have already realised the benefits that computer-assisted education is providing, with online learning providing students with access to a greater amount of information over the web.

"Innovative new e-learning applications" are helping educators to challenge their students, while virtual learning environments are supporting collaboration and enabling pupils to speak to other people across the world, it stated.

Online learning tools are allowing schools to improve the security and efficiency of their operations, connecting the indoor and outdoor campus and allowing for the use of remote surveillance tools and leveraged networks.

Furthermore, the classroom is being extended through "next-generation, high-performance" networks, the news source argued.

It said this is allowing students to securely and safely access academic resources from their school from anywhere with an internet connection.

As well as promoting distance learning online, this move is supporting learners in collaborating with faculty members and their peers.

People can access campus networks from within their community or in the home, while students can also work with digital content in their own manner.

Virtual learning environments promote one-to-one sessions between students and teachers by freeing up resources, the publication noted.

However, it suggested that the growth of e-learning in the Emirates has to follow the Ministry of Education's curriculum, which means that the country requires more Arabic academic content.

"There have been positive results with astounding progress made from project-based learning to more digital content and parents, students and teachers all embracing e-learning," managing director of the Institute of Applied Technology  Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi was recently quoted as saying by the news source.