Last updated: 29.04.11

Universities to get e-learning remote access from aql

Universities across the UK are set to gain access to a new high-speed network from aql that will help facilitate e-learning in the future, it has been revealed.

The JANET 3G system will enable academic institutions to better support their offsite students, as it will offer infrastructure for virtual learning environments, research data and library catalogues that can be accessed outside the workspace.

Communications minister Ed Vaizey welcomed the launch, commenting: "I am delighted that the education sector is putting in place plans to provide wireless broadband for the academic community."

The technology is scheduled to come fully online in June this year.

Moreover, Dr Rob Berkeley, director of leading race equality think tank the Runnymede Trust, recently said universities charging the highest levels of tuition fees - £9,000 per annum - should ensure all sections of society have access to their courses.

He noted that offering e-learning alternatives to groups working outside the classroom is a good way to achieve this aim.