Last updated: 22.11.12

University of Miami offers e-learning to high school pupils

The University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) has launched a massive open online course (MOOC) for high school students.

Due to begin on November 26th, the teaching will focus on general biology, ecological and molecular subjects in order to prepare the pupils for their science SAT Subject Tests.

The free e-learning programme is looking to use the services that have already been offered to undergraduates and adapt them to meet the needs of those at colleges and schools.

Rebecca Fox, dean of the university's division of continuing and international education, said the UM is excited that its digital middle school has rolled out the courses.

She added: "We pride ourselves on making it possible for students to have an online experience that keeps them at the centre of the learning process and that is the principle that undergrids our new MOOC."

MOOCs are vastly increasing in popularity across many of the world's most prestigious universities, including the University of Texas, the University of Western Australia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Students who sign up for the courses will be able to digitally interact with biology teachers so they can answer any queries, while live lectures are also to be recorded to give those who miss the live sessions the chance to catch up on vital material when it suits them.

UMGA's headmaster Craig Wilson stated: "The online high school's MOOC approach is unique in that students attending will experience live instruction two times a week and have access to online materials throughout the three-week period."

In order to enrol for the digital learning courses, pupils are required to visit the university's website and simply click the Register Now button.

The institution is planning to run the teaching once every semester and once it is over, students have the opportunity to apply to the College Board so they can take the SAT college entrance exam.