Last updated: 22.11.10

University to hold e-learning seminar

A British university has announced details of its upcoming e-learning symposium.

Liverpool John Moores University will be hosting a conference on online training courses and distance learning on Monday December 13th.

To begin at 10:30 GMT, the event will run for two hours and promises to be a forum for any queries and questions attendees might have on e-learning.

In particular, the presentations will be focused on emerging resources and new developments in the world of educational technology, entitled The Big Share.

"Institutions are starting to open up their resources to the wider world, projects that enable open sharing of content are happening across the sector, making content available on the web supporting your teaching and learning.," the facility explained.

Those wishing to attend the seminars must book their places with a member of staff at the educational centre.

Elsewhere, This is the West Country reported that Somerset University is making use of e-learning.