Last updated: 04.03.11

University updates e-learning system

A system used for online learning at a university in the US is being updated after ten years.

Staff at the University of Colorado are in the process of replacing an over-complicated programme with the new one called Desire2Learn, which incorporates social networking into e-learning, the Colorado Daily reports.

International affairs professor Thomas Zeiler was one of the many academics at the institution who welcomed the switch.

Speaking of the programme, he said: "I think I could even see myself pulling it up during class for PowerPoints or videos."

The previous system, CULearn, will continue to be used over the next three months to allow staff and students to upload information to the new site.

Mr Zeiler added: "I'm looking forward to using the site a lot more."

Director of academic technology at the university Debra Keyek-Franssen said the new programme would feature social media and course-specific content and include online storage space.

Desire2Learn provides online training and learning for the healthcare sector and government bodies, as well as educational institutions.