Last updated: 28.01.14

'Up to UK firms' to fill digital skills gaps

Britain's digital sector is facing a severe skills shortage, and it is up to the nation's businesses to plug this gap.

According to Tony Roy, president of CareerBuilder for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, a recent report from Tech City UK found the country's tech sector has seen incredible growth over the last three years, with IT-based roles becoming increasingly available.

However, Mr Roy claimed in an article for the International Business Times that there are not enough skilled people across Britain to fill these vacancies, and that is where firms must step in to put an end to the shortages.

The expert stated that there are various ways employers can bridge the gap, with the most important being training.

Offering ongoing career development and workplace education will play a crucial role in boosting skills, and this needs to be done by following curriculua that are in line with the opportunities being offered in the digital jobs market, he said.

Mr Roy explained this will make it easier for workers to "identify and access training and for employers to ensure the infrastructure is in place. All of which will help invigorate the passion of technology careers and make it easier for individuals to re-skill".

He recommended embracing a mobile workforce, in order to keep up with other firms that are advertising jobs through mobile platforms and taking a global approach to their recruitment processes.

Organisations can strengthen their technology portfolios by looking to what skills overseas candidates possess, and how these could benefit their own operations.

Mr Roy also suggested that businesses should identify both their current and future skills needs, as this will ensure companies "know first-hand the types of skillsets that are required and what emerging skillsets will become the most in-demand".

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