Last updated: 07.02.12

US university launches online learning portal

A university in the US has launched a new online learning portal in a bid to make it easier for students to sign up to courses of this nature in the future.

The University of Missouri (UM) has announced a single entry point for students to gain access to courses delivered online at any UM campus is soon to be available.

System senior associate vice-president of academic affairs Steve Graham stated demand for e-learning courses is increasing all the time, adding the four campuses at UM are meeting this need and the new portal will aid the educational facility in this area.

He said: "By having a single portal, new and current students can see the array of online course offerings from any one of our four campuses and then have the tools at their fingertips to enrol in those classes if they choose."

UM director of distance education and e-learning Zac March noted students are set to benefit "tremendously" as a result of the launch of the new portal and pointed out it "provides students the breadth of online options available at all campuses", which he described as an important step in meeting the needs of those who sign up for online learning courses.

Wayne Vaught, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of philosophy, medicine and bioethics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, stated students will be able to benefit when the new portal is launched.

He explained the facility is also set to "expand the world of online learning tools and options available" in order to help students learn through techniques that are best suited to them.

Earlier in the month, it was announced by the University of North Dakota that e-learning has been a major factor in its growth over the last few years.