Last updated: 27.05.11

Veggie BBQs 'are exciting'

Vegetarian BBQs can be as exciting and varied as a person's imagination, it has been claimed.

Liz O'Neill, head of communications at the Vegetarian Society, said the number of dishes that can be transformed into a vegetarian delight is mind blowing and is only limited by the imagination and skill of the cook.

She commented: "Firstly, vegetarians will really appreciate it if you keep a separate barbecue just for meat-free food and, secondly, make lots more than you think you'll need because the meat eaters always end up eating some."

According to the Vegetarian Society, National Vegetarian Week 2011 is currently running until May 29th and has been hailed as a time to celebrate choice and focus on flavoursome vegetarian dishes.

The organisation claims that National Vegetarian Week is not just about food - it offers great business opportunities through launches, special offers, holding sampling sessions and getting into the media spotlight.