Last updated: 20.01.11

Video game could become 'professional online training tool'

Professionals and members of the public alike could soon be e-learning through the use of a computer game.

With the support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, researchers at Queen's University Belfast have created a prototype computer game.

It intends to improve decision-making skills in everyday life, but its features could also be blended with strategy titles currently on the market.

Players of the game are presented with a number of multiple choice questions, which place an emphasis on learning from experience and recognising individual levels of certainty.

Dr David Newman, project leader, said the game could help teach people how to judge situations.

"Whether the choices facing us are simple or complex, a greater awareness of uncertainty and of our own biases can improve the quality of our decision-making," he remarked.

An article on Training Zone recently claimed that every business needs to see whether it could incorporate e-learning tools to further train and improve its staff.