Last updated: 16.11.13

Video training 'benefits schools and businesses'

Video is increasingly being used to train teachers and equip them with the skills to offer more interactive and engaging educational models.

This is according to Frank Crouwel, managing director of NW Systems Group, who claimed in a post for Ifsec Global that these platforms allow teachers to review themselves and receive constructive advice from those training them.

Mr Crouwel said that in recent times, a higher number of schools and other educational facilities have invested in video technology, after recognising its ability to enable interactive online learning for people who may be fitting their studies around a job or caring responsibilities.

It isn't just teachers that can take advantage of video, but also distance learners and individuals training to become doctors or corporate executives, who would benefit from step-by-step guidance delivered on-screen.

"The UK education sector is now in a great position to take advantage of its early adoption of IP video systems to support future operational improvements and growth plans," Mr Crouwel said.

Indeed, e-learning is booming all over the world, and the expert pointed to figures from Global Industry Analysts that found the market will be worth £67.5 billion by 2015, as a result of several factors.

These include flexibility, with online training materials accessible at any time of day, from wherever the learner may be, and cost-effectiveness, as e-learning is a lot cheaper for employers to roll out than face-to-face sessions.

For video training to become a regular part of education and company development, business leaders and headteachers need to take action and take the crucial steps towards implementation, according to Mr Crouwel.

In schools in particular, video systems can help teachers to "spot areas for improvement during review sessions and identify specific children that show signs of struggling to cope with a lesson or subject," he explained.

By providing learners with engaging video clips that are both informative and entertaining, it is likely that organisations and schools will notice enhanced performance and better results.