Last updated: 17.04.14

Virtual College launches the Spring Programme of Lean Healthcare Events

Following the success of the Lean Healthcare Conference and Awards, Virtual College’s Lean Healthcare Academy launches The Spring Programme of Lean Events.

Over the next few months the Lean Healthcare Academy will be holding a number of training events and free taster sessions at various locations across the UK. The training will focus on important, potent and current issues such as quality, safety and patient experience. The programme is designed for all healthcare professionals with responsibility for learning and development and for those whose organisations are going through transformational change. The aim of the programme is to share good practice and support continuous improvement in the healthcare sector.

As part of the Spring Programme of Events, Virtual College will be launching ‘The Lean Healthcare Continuous Improvement Hub’. Developed to provide a platform for sharing good practice and developing new ideas, the Hub will begin with four virtual classrooms where interactive webinars facilitate learning and discussion around topics voted for by participants.

The Spring Programme finale in June is Free Lean Sharing Forum, ‘Developing Improvement Capability’, hosted by Virtual College in partnership with Leeds Community Health NHS Trust. The day will consist of presentations from guest speakers, workshops and facilitated discussions. Leeds Community Health’s Innovation Research Forum will also be incorporated into the event and delegates are invited to view their projects and share ideas.

The Spring Programme begins on the 1st of April. Further information is available from Virtual College's website or from Craig Marshall, Virtual College, on 01943 885086 or via email to