Last updated: 19.09.12

Virtual College shortlisted for 2012 e-learning award in the non-profit category

Virtual College is very proud to announce we have been shortlisted in the Best e-learning project - non-profit category for the 2012 e-learning awards organised by e-learning age.

There have been a large number of incidents of medication errors in connection with the administration of insulin to diabetes sufferers in England, resulting in at least four deaths. NHS Diabetes worked with Virtual College to launch a free training course which has seen over 81,000 course registrations of healthcare professionals, and a consequent reduction in medication errors.

In June 2010 the NPSA issued an alert requiring training to be put in place for all healthcare staff who prescribe, handle or administer insulin in England and Wales.

To meet this need to deliver accurate, measurable training quickly and on a large scale NHS Diabetes contacted e-learning provider Virtual College. The principle was to produce an e-learning course on the Safe Use of Insulin that would take around 45 to 60 minutes to complete. The module focuses on four key principles of insulin use: the right type of insulin; the right dose; the right time; and the right way.

As good practice, Virtual College invites all learners to provide feedback of their experience of learning with us. (Source Virtual College audit of over 2000 customers May – July 2012) A random selection of NHS Diabetes learners revealed that:-

  • 92% of respondents felt more confident in identifying and handling a misuse of insulin incident.
  • 84% of respondents felt that the course would have an impact on their way of working.
  • 88% of respondents thought the Virtual College course was easy or very easy to access and navigate.
  • 91% of respondents would recommend this course to others

The following are comments are taken from the report produced by NHS Diabetes Evaluating the perceived impact of the Safe Use of Insulin e-learning module in March 2012

"The module was well received by healthcare professionals."

"Not only is there evidence that the module has led to changes in individual working practices, but also to changes in department or trust policies and/or procedures at NHS trusts across England."

Healthcare workers, or those currently studying in England can register for the course free of charge on the self-registration page here, using their ESR number.