Last updated: 06.10.15

Virtual College shortlisted in four eLearning Award categories

Now in its 20th year of operation, Virtual College is celebrating after being shortlisted in four eLearning award categories, including an ‘outstanding contribution’ nomination for founder and CEO, Rod Knox.

The awards, the most respected in the elearning sector, received over 400 entries, the highest number ever, which makes being shortlisted in four categories even more impressive.

As well as the nomination for CEO, Rod Knox, Virtual College is also a finalist in the ‘excellence in the production of learning content’ category for their work with the Home Office. This comprehensive online training package was designed to give people the information they need to help tackle the violent practice of female genital mutilation, and has been accessed by over 30,000 learners.

In addition, Virtual College has been shortlisted for the prestigious elearning age ‘outstanding learning organisation’ and ‘elearning development company of the year’ awards for their commitment to collaborating closely with their customers to ensure they are at the forefront of elearning innovation.

Peter Hilliard, Head of Marketing, said: “Over the last 20 years we have worked hard to ensure we deliver consistently for our customers.”

“The fact that we have been shortlisted in four categories, especially when the number of submissions was so high, vindicates our collaborative approach to producing high quality, innovative online training.”

About Virtual College

Virtual College has developed into one of the UK's leading providers of total solutions within the e-learning arena. Its key objective is to help enhance the traditional learning solution through the careful integration of technology.

Founded in 1995, today Virtual College has over 1.75 million registered online learners and this is growing at a rate of over 1,000 a day, across both public and private sectors. The company has developed a comprehensive product range, including over 300 online courses, accessed via the company's own Learning Management System, as well as offering a complete content design and development service. 

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