Last updated: 27.07.11

Virtual learning environment contributes to Brighton college's Ofsted success

Brighton and Hove's City College has been rated as outstanding thanks in part to the quality if its e-learning provision.

The college is now 14th in England's league of 234 general further education colleges and is the fifth highest performing in the provision of A-levels.

Underscoring the importance the education sector now attaches to the provision of virtual learning and teaching, Ofsted saw fit to recommend the college is cited on its website for four areas of good practice in art and design, management and curriculum enrichment and leadership, in addition to the quality of its e-learning programme.

"I've known for some time that we're very good at what we do," said principal Phil Frier. "It's terrific though that Ofsted have now confirmed this."

The results come following comments from Janet Murray, former secondary school teacher and now the Guardian's education journalist, that class sizes can "make a huge difference" for some students.