Last updated: 13.08.18

Why corporate learning and development needs to be a top priority for businesses

Corporate learning and development needs to be a key priority for businesses if they want to attract and retain millennial talent

Back in 2016, we reported on comments made by Jason Wingard, of the Columbia University School of Professional Studies in the Huffington Post, where he emphasised the importance of integrating education in corporate business to work towards overall company goals and retain talented staff.

He explained that to stay attractive to millennials, who have different workplace expectations to any other generation before them, companies need to look at how they can adjust their workplace environment, team structures and corporate values, including the corporate learning solutions they offer.

My Wingard wrote: "Companies that don't learn and adapt to today's new normal marketplace will not last.”

"Invest in strategic corporate education and talent attraction - job readiness and culture change will improve alongside the overall bottom line."

Why organisations need to focus on corporate learning and development

Millennials are likely going to have to spend longer in employment than any other generation before them, so they want to build transferable skills that will be useful in both their current role and in the future too.

Businesses that offer corporate learning and development opportunities to their employees will therefore help them to feel valued and supported in their progression, and encourage them to remain loyal. A high staff turnover can have a significant impact on a company's culture, so it is important for companies to take the future of corporate learning seriously.

Corporate learning can also be an effective way to bring team members of different generations together to find solutions that enable everyone to work towards a common goal.

How organisations can keep up with corporate learning trends

Delivering development opportunities through a corporate e-learning programme provides companies with an interactive and engaging way to conduct staff training.

With Enable, Virtual College's Learning Management System, staff can take e-learning courses at a time and from a place that suits them, meaning they can flexibly incorporate corporate learning into their day.

Virtual College has more than 300 digital learning courses to choose from, so corporate learning and development can be a continual process, allowing staff of all generations to improve their skills and increase their productivity.

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