Last updated: 06.02.13

Wrekin apprenticeship numbers 'on the rise'

A record number of people in The Wrekin began apprenticeships in the 2011-2012 period and this year is set to be just as productive.

According to new figures published today (February 5th), 1,850 people became apprentices in the area during the time span, marking a 36 per cent increase since 2010, the Shropshire Star reports.

Provisional results have also showed that 410 individuals started work on projects between April and June 2012 alone, which may have been partly triggered by a drive by Telford and Wrekin Council and local businesses to create 100 apprenticeships in 100 days between January and March.

This saw more than 300 enquiries made from local companies, which went on to recruit a total of 205 apprentices.

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard welcomed the news and stated apprenticeships are a good move for both young people and the wider economy.

He was quoted as saying: "With the world around us changing, we will only succeed in the global race when everyone is given the chance to reach their full potential."

Telford and Wrekin Council's apprenticeship scheme was first rolled out a decade ago and between April 2011 and 2012, it hired 44 young workers to local leisure, customer service and IT firms.

Councillor Shaun Davis, cabinet member for neighbourhood services and co-operative council, said the local authority is hoping to double today's figures by March 2013.

"The 100 in 100 campaign was a fantastic start and showed that employers in Telford and Wrekin want to come together to grow their own talent and support local young people," he said.

If firms are unsure how to get started with hiring an apprentice, or require help with giving their new starters training, they may want to turn to the services of an experienced provider.

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It can also set people up with an e-portfolio, which gives business leaders complete visibility of their apprentices' progress.