Last updated: 08.02.05

Yorkshire Productivity offers fully-funded 'Skills for life' Training to Yorkshire Companies

Of the 23 million adults in work in England, approximately 3 million have poor levels of literacy and around 9 million have poor levels of numeracy. Indeed, any adult, regardless of their level of formal education, can have skills gaps which affects his or her business performance.

Sixty-eight percent of customers who stop trading with a business, do so because they are dissatisfied with the service. If employees misread just 1% of instructions, don't calculate with 100% accuracy, miss out on team discussions, keep inaccurate records or have trouble writing things down - they are affecting business performance.

The business case for improving these skills is overwhelming. It can help to:

  • Reduce waste through inaccurate paperwork
  • Curb incorrect orders and administrative errors
  • Stop troubleshooting problems which could have been avoided
  • Overcome problems created by customers spending time trying to make themselves understood by staff who do not speak English as a first language

Through its 'Skills for Life' programme, Yorkshire Productivity offers simple and straightforward steps which a business can take to improve performance and increase profitability. There is full funding available for most 'Skills for Life' activity which means employers can recap the benefits free of charge whilst minimizing business disruption.

Yorkshire Productivity's delivery model provides companies with guidance and support through four key phases:

  • Initial assessment
  • Test preparation
  • Testing
  • Guided training sessions

Workshops are available on a wide variety of topics including literacy, numeracy, Basic IT and Health Safety.

Staff with strong foundations in reading, writing, language and numeracy skills create a more effective and efficient business whilst speaking and listening skills are necessary to communicate appropriately with customers and colleagues.

Director of Comtech Ltd, consulting, inspecting and materials-testing engineers, highlighted the advantages of such training: "Our continued investment in skills training among our workforce has enabled us to double our turnover… With a confident and well-trained workforce, you can do anything."

For further information, please contact Yorkshire Productivity on:

Tel: 01943 605976
Faz: 01943 605522

Notes to Editors

Yorkshire Productivity was formed by Virtual College, the Ilkley-based blended learning company, to champion improving productivity within the highly competitive manufacturing sector. The 'club' members receive cost effective, specialised training in 'lean manufacturing' techniques and share best practice through events, presentations and shop floor visits - all held at members' factories.

Created just two years ago, there are now over 60 member companies of Yorkshire Productivity representing around 20,000 employees. Last year, over 900 courses were delivered to over 9,000 members of staff.

For further press information, please contact:

Roger Moore
Faz: 07970 721179