Last updated: 05.05.12

Youngster stays on top of courses with e-learning solutions

A student has succeeded in education through distance learning online, despite moving home and leaving the traditional classroom setting behind.

Wauwatosa Now reports Anna Anhalt used virtual learning environments full-time, while working part-time at a confectionary in Waukesha and travelling between her divorced parents' houses.

She has now completed e-learning courses in Honours US Government, Advance Placement Literature and Environmental Science, but is currently working on the final part of Environmental Sciences and Life Skills.

After completing her high school education with these online training tools, the pupil is considering going to college to study business.

She left the classroom in January and began using online learning solutions because this academic practice fit in with her busy lifestyle and both her mother and father believe the decision was a good one.

Mum Laurie Jewell, who is the curriculum coordinator and dean of students for a charter school in Milwaukee, told the publication she was initially a "little concerned about her taking all online courses".

"Having seen her achieve, I don't have any concerns now," she added.

Father David Anhalt praised the winter vacation period embedded in the online training tools, noting the virtual learning environment "gives us flexibility to spend time together".

Ms Anhalt explained she had not missed going to her old educational facility.

"I never dreamed I could do this, but when I asked about it for my senior year, I was excited to find out that I could do it now," she told the news source.

Ms Anhalt has even used e-learning to study from overseas territories, travelling to London in February with her father and staying on top of her academia during this timeframe.

According to the US' National Education Association, computers and emerging information technology innovations are sparking fundamental alterations to the ways people learn and teach.

The previously impenetrable barriers of space and time are falling down, with modern advances enabling educators and students to engage in new opportunities and choices for education, it declared.

Now, virtually every academic institution can use the internet and individual facilities are increasingly using online learning to boost their provisions, the public body noted.