Ready-to-go Training Solutions

If you’re looking for high quality workplace training our vast library of compliance and professional development training is here to help you.

With a catalogue of over 600 digital learning materials our accredited and certified online training courses are designed to scale and perfect for organisations of any size.

Covering everything from food safety, safeguarding and health & safety through to personal development and leadership & management, our courses are simple, cost-effective and accessible for all.

Expert Digital Learning

All our training resources are built with one objective: put your learners first. This not only means designing engaging and interactive courses, it also means providing the highest quality information at all times.

We're proud to say that most of our courses are CPD certified, allowing your employees to be rewarded for investment in their continued growth. Plus, City and Guilds accreditations are available on a number of our Food Safety & Hygiene courses too, meaning you don't just have to take our word for how good they truly are.

Human Centred Learning Design

We design every single piece of learning with your people in mind. In our experience, learning which is human and personalised feels much more authentic. Which means it resonates with your people more.

This human approach results in a modern, engaging learning experience which connects people to performance and ensures our designs meet your performance goals.

No matter the challenge, we use our human-centred design to help you get the results you need.

Compliance Training

Sticking to government rules and regulations is a challenge faced by all businesses. What do you need to do? Where do you start?

It's paramount for business success that your teams have the right compliance training; after all, it helps ensure their safety and keeps your business safe too.

The great news is that we've already helped thousands of organisations like yours with this ever-changing challenge. We have ready-to-go courses covering safeguarding, food & drink, health & safety and GDPR and data security, modern training developed for all your compliance needs.

Safeguarding Training

Whether working with children, young people or vulnerable adults, you have a duty of care to safeguard and protect. But safeguarding is a complex area. Your people need to know how to spot the signs for a wide range of issues, so implementing an effective, well-rounded programme is a must.

Having delivered safeguarding training to over 2 million people, it's safe to say we've learned what works. Collaborating with experts, we've created digital learning courses to suit every safeguarding need.

Our short, bite-sized courses are easy to understand and will give your people all the safeguarding information they need, when they need it.

Food and Drink Training

When it comes to food & drink safety you need training that creates real behaviour change. Our courses create that change. We bring food & drink safety to life; using relevant scenarios and engaging resources to enliven and motivate your learners.

We've trained over 750,000 food and drink professionals in the past 25 years. From small cafés to food processing plants, we know the training your people need to increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

We also have certified and accredited online training courses on a wide range of topics including HACCP, safe food handling practices and food allergy awareness. Everything you need, compliance guaranteed.

Health & Safety Training

Keeping employees safe from harm and minimising risk should be top of the agenda for any organisation. But we understand this is easier said than done. So we've developed a suite of health & safety courses suitable for all organisations, regardless of size or industry. We've done the thinking, so you don't have to.

We know each organisation's health & safety needs are unique. So we've worked long and hard to find common threads and then developed simple and effective courses suitable for most needs.

Our learning ensures your employees gain a deeper understanding of relevant health & safety matters and minimise risks. From first aid and mental health awareness to manual handling and fire safety, we have the course perfect for your needs.

Personal Development and Power Skills Training

The demand for personal development and power skills training has boomed in recent years. Businesses are prioritising employee growth, in both their personal and professional lives.

By providing employees with the skills needed to grow and thrive, your whole organisation benefits. Our courses give employees the confidence and skills they need to expand themselves and their career, helping you to create more positive working cultures and foster organisational growth.

Leadership and Management Training

Your organisation’s managers and leaders set the tone for your whole workforce. Their skills, knowledge, commitment and passion are often the key drivers of business success. Fostering these skills through effective training is therefore essential.

Our leadership and management training catalogue has everything you need to develop your business leaders. We use our extensive expertise to bring leadership and management training to life. Our courses drive behaviour change and empower managers and leaders, all while developing the skills and habits they need to drive continuous growth in your organisation.

Supporting all stages of leadership from aspiring managers through to organisational leaders, our courses cover a wide range of topics. From Personal Effectiveness and Communication through to Coaching and Mentoring and Performance Management, our catalogue of courses equips your managers to drive organisational success.

Personal and Professional Training

Your employees want opportunities for personal and professional development. And catering to this need will improve employee satisfaction, retention and performance. Happy, engaged employees? What more could you want?

But stretched L&D budgets mean personal and professional training, which is typically delivered face-to-face, is not seen as a priority. Our cost-effective, engaging e-learning courses combat this problem. Delivered at your learners' convenience and for a fraction of the cost, our personal and professional training courses will help to create an efficient, effective and positive working environment.

From time management to reflective practice, our personal development catalogue has everything your employees need to reach their goals and aspirations.

Enable Your Employees

Digital transformation of learning can be a daunting and difficult task. And one of the biggest concerns organisations have is: "How am I going to transition to digital training and what do I need to deliver it?"

Don't worry, we've got your back and can make this move super simple.

All our ready-to-go training is delivered through our own learning management system (LMS) called Enable. Use it to personalise your learning pathways, share content and track and report on learner progress, all from one simple, easy to access location

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