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Enable Audit

Compliance management and audit software, helping with quality improvement and ISO standards

What is Enable Audit?

Enable Audit is software designed to help your organisation improve and meet your compliance and regulatory needs, allowing you to create, collect and report.

It has been created and designed through collaboration with our customers, ensuring that it meets users’ requirement.

  • Track and measure ongoing organisational improvement
  • Streamline data collection and analysis through one online software
  • One single source of information providing improved transparency and consistency of business data
  • Streamlined administration enabling you to complete, manage and analyse data
  • Reduce your paper usage by hosting digitally. Examples being paper-based self-assessments, readiness checks and audits.
What is Enable Audit

Key Benefits

Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use

Feature-rich, yet clear, concise and easy to use, Enable Audit is the result of an in-depth collaboration with our customers. The cloud-based system means that users have access from any computer at any time with no downloading required. Multiple users can log on and view the software from any location at the same time, making sharing quick and easy.

Supports continuous improvement

Supports continuous improvement

It encourages a culture of continuous improvement across the organisation. Data in Enable Audit is live and constantly updated so users can access a current snapshot of their progress and easily evaluate areas for improvement. By regularly accessing the software, users are always aware of actions to be completed and areas for development.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Enable Audit allows you to collate all information in a centralised online system that can be accessed anywhere on desktop, tablet or mobile. Documents, photos and reports can be uploaded for everyone to access. Every action undertaken is recorded as a note, creating a precise audit trail. This paperless trail means everything can be found easily, making the process less time consuming and more efficient.

Instant analysis and reporting

Instant analysis and reporting

Instant visual snapshots allow you to analyse your work in seconds and compare the progress of users at a glance. Advanced filters and detailed reporting tools enable the segmentation of data to provide the exact information you require when you need it. The tool can be updated throughout the year, allowing you to avoid the annual rush to collate, analyse and report on data before any deadline is due.

How it Works


Self Assesment
Grading & Benchmarking
Custom response types

The flexibility of Enable Audit allows you to create and customise assessment templates that meet your specific requirements.

  • Create relevant questions
  • Categorise your questions
  • Choose different grading options for individual questions
  • Customise the response types


Multiple Users
Multiple Categories
Data Collection

Users can complete the assessment by submitting and logging information, such as evidential documents and action plans. These are recorded and integrated instantly into the centralised audit tool.

The data can be collected in different ways – whichever meets your needs:

  • By User
  • By Question
  • By Category



Reporting made quick and simple

As reporting is so essential, Enable Audit is designed to make it quick and simple. It contains up-to-date data, meaning that, within moments, you can get a clear picture of how your organisation is performing against set criteria, allowing you to put in place an action plan for areas that require improvement.

Everything is recorded from the first time the tool is used, and you can generate detailed reports (whether in PDF, Word or Excel) at any time.

Comparative reports can be easily generated using advanced filters that allow you to view progress for the whole, or individual parts of the organisation.

Information can be presented in several different ways to aid instant visual interpretation of the assessment. The integrated analytical tools will help you quickly compare the progress of different objectives and produce action plans for organisations or individuals.



Enable Audit provides you with the ability to continuously improve. It can deliver the quality information you need to make real improvements to your organisation, and the tools to monitor the progress of these improvements.
Use Audit to analyse risks and challenges and determine where change should occur
Produce Audit action plans to assist with planning a strategy for change
Implement the changes and track completion through Audit action plans
Assessment of results utilising Audit reports and start the cycle again

Key Features

Key Features

Build your own audits to meet specific organisational requirements

Self Registration

Self-registration system allows users to create their own logins


Create free-form groups and assign roles to different users


See the progress of individual users or the overall audit in a visual way, instantly

Action plans
Action plans

Create essential action plans for specific questions and categories

  • Access information anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible grading
  • Batch uploading
  • Tablet, mobile and desktop friendly
  • Easy access to live data
  • Generate instant visual analytics
  • Analyse multiple audits in seconds
  • Fully customisable branding

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits
  • Demand Led

    Can meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders across multiple sectors.

  • Compliance

    Keep up to date with compliance regulations.

  • Value for Money

    Meeting ever changing compliance needs.

  • Multiple Metrics

    Easily manage multiple compliance and regulatory metrics in one system.

  • Flexible

    A pricing structure to meet user numbers large or small.

  • Versatile

    You have the ability to assign audits on either an individual basis or to a specific user group.

  • Tailored

    Easy to tailor the system to meet sector/industry requirements, including the use of a bespoke set of questions with various response types to allow for accurate data collection and evidence from auditees.

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