As a sustainability charity, WRAP works with governments, businesses and consumers to create a world in which resources, including food, are used sustainably. They strive to create solutions that protect the environment, build stronger economies and support more sustainable societies.

The aim

Once WRAP discovered that over 1 million tonnes of food were wasted each year in the hospitality sector, they wanted to help tackle the problem. After initially launching a food waste reduction campaign called ‘Guardians of Grub’, they realised it wasn’t quite enough. The necessary behaviour change wasn’t there.

To give the campaign a boost, they wanted a digital training programme that would provide a learner-focused programme that would bring all the resources together in a comprehensive way and increase the essential skills needed to drive that much sought-after behaviour change.

Puzzle pieces that don't fit together

The challenges

  • Tight budgets but big ideas
  • A vast library of resources but no innovative way to bring them all together in a helpful way to the learner
  • A need for a simple, learner-friendly way to manage and capture the important food waste data

Puzzle pieces that fit together

How we helped

  • Took part in instrumental advisory research groups
  • Mapped the content, including assessing what we had and what we didn’t
  • Curated and created content – building, buying and borrowing what was needed
  • Developed podcasts, designed templates and did a big chunk of graphic design work
  • Supplied Enable, our LMS, instrumental in managing learner uploads
  • Provided Audit tools, vital to capturing and illustrating the food waste data

The solution

The final solution was an online blended programme. It included:

  • A self-assessment so the learners could judge what they needed
  • The best digital resources for the job from e-learning to podcasts and videos
  • Microsoft Teams face-to-face sessions, allowing learners to discuss, share and meet industry experts
  • A platform to build a network of ‘champions’

The results

79% of champions say they had all the tools they needed
38% reduction in food waste over a 4-week period
86% of the champions said they've found the programme useful

What they had to say

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