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Make UK is a big name in the UK manufacturing industry. Offering a range of services from HR and legal advice to training and development, they are changing the industry by empowering individuals and inspiring the next generation.

In 2016, we formed a partnership with them to deliver technology-enhanced training solutions to their members. How we worked together to create an award-winning training programme is just one of our stories.

The aim

In 2017, an exciting opportunity presented itself that perfectly captured our two areas of expertise. Fujitsu, a Make UK member and global technology giant, were hoping to standardise their health and safety training across all their territories and they asked Make UK for support.

Knowing our expertise in learning design, Make UK turned to us to create a new health and safety training programme that would meet Fujitsu’s needs. A programme that would establish the desired single set of workforce-wide behaviours in a way that would overcome or accommodate language, culture and legal barriers, and overall, instil a company-wide belief in safe working practices.

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The challenges

  • Making sure the training was in line with Fujitsu’s standards and policies
  • Ensure the content addressed Fujitsu’s complex legal and language requirements across the different territories
  • Be relevant across all the EMEIA offices
  • Be recognisable as a Fujitsu product
  • Make sure the learners engaged with and retained the learning
  • To change behaviour

Puzzle pieces that fit together

How we helped

  • Make UK provided the Health and Safety expertise to ensure the content adhered to Fujitsu’s standards and policies
  • We provided our vast learning design expertise
  • Created recognisable Fujitsu health and safety ‘stories’ to emotionally connect with the learners
  • Designed and built relatable scenarios
  • Developed a serious game to help engage, encourage and embed learning
  • Design matched their brand colours
  • Translated the content into six languages

The solution

  • 1 serious game
  • 10 health and safety e-learning modules
  • Available in six different languages
  • Included animated Fujitsu stories

The results


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Read the full story

Download the full Make UK case study to find out more about our years-long successful partnership and the award-winning training programme it produced.

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